New Netflix to watch at your South Austin Apartments

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Our South Austin rentals offers a luxurious option for anyone looking for a quiet, comfortable place to call home. There’s nothing like coming home to luxurious South Austin apartments after a long day at work and crashing onto the couch.


Austin is a lively city, and if you’re in tune with the events happening around town it can be hard to resist going out every weekend. However, a laid back weekend every once in awhile never hurt anyone. Trust us, your social life will still be there next weekend when you hit the town again.


So, you’ve decided to relax all weekend without hitting every event and new restaurant opening in town. Now you have to figure out how to spend your time. Your first move should be to make sure your cupboards and refrigerator are full of snacks. You don’t want to be forced to eat out or order-in during your weekend of frugality.


Next, you’ll want to establish a plan for your weekend activities. Will it be a weekend spent by the pool, getting tan and reading a good book? Perhaps it will be a weekend spent cleaning the apartment. Some people can only relax once their home is neat and tidy. Your third, and most appealing option, is to curl up on your couch and watch an entire season on Netflix.


There are a ton of new seasons of Netflix Original shows coming out in May. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular Netflix Originals that will be released in the next couple weeks. Fans of the shows below will be excited to hear that more seasons are coming out. Even if you haven’t seen these shows, now is the perfect time to start binge watching them. Once you finish the first season, you’ll have another season — or five — to watch the next day.


May 5th – Sense8: Season 2


You might want to start watching Sense8 if for no other reason than to see a show that reportedly cost Netflix over $200 million. With production value like that, Sense8 is a must-see.


May 12th – Master of None: Season 2


Aziz Ansari is back with another season of his kind-of-a-comedy show. We say that because Aziz is a stand-up comedian, but his show isn’t non-stop laughs. Sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it’s sad, but it’s always original. Aziz has a unique view on life, and it shines through in this show. While the first season was set in New York, it appears that Season 2 will be set in Europe, where Aziz traveled to after breaking up with his girlfriend at the end of Season 1.


May 26th – Bloodline: Season 3


This will be the final season of Bloodline, a heart-pounding show moves the storyline along at breakneck speed. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, so audiences are eagerly awaiting the May 26th release of Season 3. Bloodline is extremely binge-able, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen the previous 2 seasons. There’s still time to get caught up before Season 3 comes out!


May 30th – House of Cards: Season 5


One of Netflix’s most successful original series, House of Cards returns for it’s 5th season at the end of the month. Kevin Spacey has been spectacular as Frank Underwood, the extremely corrupt, conniving politician who relentlessly pushes his way his way to the top of the US political system. If you haven’t started watching House of Cards, now might be the perfect time to start.


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