Guide to DKR Food from your South Austin Rentals

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Football is back in town, and everyone at our South Austin apartment community is ready to see what the new coach can do. If you’re new to Austin, you should prepare yourself for the influx of burnt orange jerseys that take over downtown Austin and the surrounding area on Saturdays in the fall.


We’re lucky to have one of the world’s largest stadiums right here in our backyard. Darrell K. Royal — Texas Memorial Stadium can fit more than 100,000 people on game day, and we highly recommend that you be one of them. Grab a few of your neighbors at our community of South Austin apartments for rent, and head on up to DKR next time the Longhorns have a home game.


Bring your appetite with you to DKR, because this stadium concessions are a reflection of Austin’s incredible food scene. In this week’s blog post, we’ll tell you which concessions stands you absolutely must check out next time you go to a game. Read the post below, and be sure to share it with any of your friends and family who might be going to a Longhorns game in the near future.


Amy’s Ice Cream – Section 111


An Austin institution, Amy’s Ice Cream is the perfect cold treat on a hot day in the DKR bleachers.  You might not think that ice cream and football go together, but they certainly do when that football game is taking place in Austin, TX. We wish you the best of luck with getting a bowl of ice cream from the concession stand to your seat without having it melt. If you can pull off this near-impossible feat, you’ll be rewarded with a cool treat while everyone else around you deals with the sweltering heat.


Torchy’s Tacos – Section 14


Your favorite taco joint is never far away, even when you’re watching the Longhorns beat up on the bottom feeders of the Big12. Torchy’s actually has a massive concession stand at DKR in section 14. Other college football stadiums might offer hot dogs, popcorn and the like, but only at DKR Stadium can you enjoy America’s best tacos while you watch the game. Whether you’re into a classic trailer park taco or the trashy version, you can enjoy your favorite Tex-Mex snack next at DKR.


Pluckers – Section 18


Since you live in South Austin, you’re probably already aware of how amazing the chicken wings are at Pluckers on South Lamar. It’s not easy to get a seat at the Pluckers location in South Austin, but it’s super easy to grab your favorite wings and sauce at the Pluckers at DKR.


The Pluckers at the stadium isn’t so much a concession stand as it is a full-on sports bar. You can have a seat at the DKR Pluckers and just watch the game on TV for a quarter if you want. We don’t recommend that, since it defeats the whole purpose of going to the game, but you can do it if you want.

Those are all the concessions suggestions we’ve got, folks! We’d like to wrap things up by taking a moment to thank those of you who keep coming back week after week to read our latest blog posts. We hope that this particular blog post helps you satisfy your cravings at the next UT football game you attend. If you liked this blog and want to read more like it in the future, be sure to check this page again in a few weeks when our next blog goes live. Also, please don’t forget to follow The James on South First on social media, as that’s the best way to stay informed about everything happening at your community of South Austin rentals.

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