Best New Brunches near your South Austin Apartment

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Ah, brunch — it’s the best meal of the day whether you’re eating it at your South Austin apartment or enjoying a dish at one of the incredible new South Austin restaurants. Making brunch plans for, say, 11 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday is the best way to ensure you get out of bed before noon on the weekend.


Austin is brunch-lovers’ heaven, so we thought we’d put together a blog post about some of the best new brunch spots near our community of South Austin apartments for rent. Although there are plenty of brunch options in Austin, the variety creates as many problems as solutions. Sure, there’s a brunch spot for everybody, but how do you know which one to pick, and how do you get a group of people to decide on a place? If you want everyone to agree on a place, you need to decide that one person in your group is the “Brunch Decider.” This person will be in charge of all brunch decisions. If they pick a good place, they deserve credit. If they pick a bad place, they deserve to be blamed. If you’re ready to take on the responsibility of being the “Brunch Decider,” read the blog post below.


Mattie’s at Green Pastures


If you want to get the most out of your brunch at Mattie’s, make reservations ahead of time for the tables on their wrap-around porch. Those are the best seats in the house, which is another way of saying they’re usually taken. Every single reviewer on Yelp raves about the interior decor and beautiful setting at Mattie’s. This place is gorgeous, but they invested just as much energy into making a great menu as they did with the decorating. We recommend starting things off with the biscuits and pimento cheese appetizer.  After that, take your pick of one of the many southern brunch dishes that Mattie’s has available including fried chicken eggs benedict. — yum!




There aren’t many coffee shops in Austin with a brunch menu as extensive as the one at Patika. Actually, there aren’t many coffee shops in Austin with a brunch menu, period. Patika just launched their new brunch menu, and it’s filled with awesome brunch options like waffles and steak and eggs. Name another coffee shop that has steak and eggs! Of course, the coffee is top-notch as well, as that’s Patika’s specialty.


El Chipiron


This South Lamar restaurant specializes in Spanish tapas, which is probably a far cry from your normal brunch order of chicken and waffles. For instance, the first thing that a lot of people order at El Chipiron is the cheese and ham board. How many places can you think of that offer a charcuterie board at brunch? Once you’ve accepted that you’re at a different kind of brunch spot, you can truly explore the tapas menu. Next time you feel like doing something different for brunch than mimosas and pancakes, check out El Chipiron.


Those are our brunch suggestions for this week, folks! Whether you’re into the classic bacon and eggs brunch or something a little more interesting like Spanish tapas, we think you’ll discover your new favorite brunch spot by trying one of the restaurants on the list above.


As always, we greatly appreciate those of you who’ve taken some time out of your busy October schedule to read the latest edition of The James on South First Blog. If you got some useful information out of this week’s post and want to read more like it, be sure to check this page again in a couple weeks when our new blog post goes live. Also, remember to follow The James on South First on social media to stay up to date and informed about everything happening at your South Austin rentals.

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